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What is Vodacom Dedicated Hosting?

Vodacom’s Dedicated Hosting is an exclusive hosting service that provides a dedicated server and resources to your business, without having to share servers with other Vodacom customers. A dedicated hosting service – also called a dedicated server – can be set up in-house or externally as a service from within a data centre much faster than a traditional in-house server.

The benefits of Dedicated Hosting:

Avoid High Costs

Avoid the high costs associated with in-house servers: Get the benefits of an in-house server, without going through the entire physical and virtual set-up for it.


Ensure increased reliability for your server: N+N redundancy means less congestion and greater system availability. This reduces single points of failure and enhances the reliability and availability of your server at all times.

Do More

Get your site to do more: Exclusive access to storage, a processor, bandwidth and memory increases uptime, reduces page load time and guarantees high performance and stability on your website.

Dedicated Hosting plans and costs

Plan Set-up cost Monthly cost
Single rack R4,500 R10,500
Half a rack R4,500 R5,500
One quarter rack R4,500 R2,800
Single U R150 R240
Single cage (two usable footprints) R8,000 R28,500

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