Stay connected, no matter where you are.

Weather you are experiencing slow Internet connectivity or connectivity problems, Broadband Connect Satellite is your alternative to ADSL and 3G in these areas with limited coverage.

From only R517.50 per month your business can have stable Internet connection just about anywhere in South Africa.


What is Broadband Connect Satellite?

Broadband Connect Satellite is the Internet service solution for your business. This independent service does not need support from any landline solutions and can be installed anywhere in South Africa.

There are no installation and maintenance requirements on this product, as Vodacom’s trained and accredited installation teams will make sure that they are at your service, from Point of Presence, across the country.

What does Broadband Connect Satellite include?

  1. A Broadband Internet Access bundle (capped)
  2. A Hughes HN 9460 Router – Outdoor unit
  3. 98cm Satellite dish/antenna – Outdoor unit
  4. A 2 Watt Block Uplink converter
  5. A customer online site that features a monthly bundle usage and Top Up data bundle purchase

Broadband Connect Satellite Benefits

Stay connected wherever you are

We make use of the latest technology to ensure a strong Internet connection regardless of the location and coverage.

Stable 24/7 Internet connectivity

This product is not dependant on the location, copper quality or the distance the radio frequency needs to travel. Be sure to receive the stable Internet connectivity, regardless of these external obstacles.

Quick and easy usage turnaround

No need to worry about the nitty-gritty line installation and local infrastructure availability. To get you started all you need is a clear North/Eastern sky view and the hardware.

VoIP services

Add up to four VoIP connections (optional) on a monthly rate of R169.00 each. You can make FREE on-net voice calls to others on the same network. VoIP connections will not make use of your monthly allocated data.

Broadband Connect Wireless Lite Plans

Price plan

12 Month contract
(incl. VAT)

24 Month contract
(incl. VAT)

BBC Wireless Lite 5GB R 319.00 R 239.00
BBC Wireless Lite 10GB R 379.00 R 299.00
BBC Wireless Lite 20GB R 519.00 R 439.00
BBC Wireless Lite 50GB R 729.00 R 649.00
BBC Wireless Lite 100GB R 1 158.00 R 1 078.00
BBC Wireless Lite 150GB R 1 529.00 R 1 449.00
BBC Wireless Lite 200GB R 2 029.00 R 1 949.00

FREE Activation

Top Up Plans (Incl. VAT)

1GB R 70.61
5GB R 100.88
20GB R 363.16
 50GB R 857.46
 100GB R 1 513.16
 150GB R 2 218.29
 200GB R 2 924.43



  • The Broadband Connect Wireless Lite service consists of a Broadband router, a Dongle and a SIM card.
  • Should any of these service elements be used separately, Vodacom will not be able to support the service and connectivity will be lost.
  • The HG659 broadband router that is wireless LAN-enabled can handle up to 18 wireless or wired LAN connections.

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