It all started with fervour for communication

Before the iPhone, instant messaging and social media, there were phones with green and black screens, and sending a text required pressing the same key numerous times to get the correct letter. It was during these early days of mobile communication that Smartcom was born.

Smartcom was founded in May 2000 and originally operated as a Vodacom Service Provider to the Vodacom network. Never in a million years could we have imagined the exciting journey that awaited the Smartcom brand, our team and our customers! We saw that the world around us was rapidly innovating the way in which society communicated, and we knew that we wanted to be part of this journey.

From day one, we focused on delivering quality ICT solutions, with a strong focus on mobile voice and data activations and upgrades. However, in the years since our inception, we have grown and expanded our service offering to reach almost every inch of the ICT realm. From the very first SIM card we sold, to the most recent company we helped with cost-saving fixed-data solutions.

In October 2007, Smartcom became an accredited partner (dealer) of Vodacom Service Provider (VSP), thus enabling us to become the poster child for the innovative and fast-paced industry that we’ve grown so affectionate of over the years.

During the course of our journey, we’ve come to learn that we are not in the business of selling products. Instead, we are a group of passionate individuals who aim to provide innovative and honest solutions – solutions that add real value to the lives, families and businesses of each and every one of our customers. Our past, present and future is built around our customers, and our commitment to them is an oath we are determined to keep.

Meet the people behind Smartcom

A success story of awards and accolades

Nobody likes a show-off, but our story would not be complete without mentioning that we are an award-winning company.

As a company fixated on delivering exceptional service and solutions to our customers, we are always open to criticism and continuously looking for ways in which we can improve the way in which we operate and satisfy needs. This is why it is extra special when we receive acknowledgment for our efforts.

Since its inception, Vodacom SA has recognised Smartcom for its achievements almost every single year. Accolades from Vodacom SA include being named Top EBU Vodacom Dealer of the year for two years in a row (2017 and 2018).

Our Team – A dream steered by knowledge

The Smartcom ship is steered by our CEO, Mr. Bain Liversage. Bain is passionate, ambitious, innovative, thoughtful and extremely optimistic. Unfortunately, those are the only adjectives that we have space for. If we had more, we would also mention that he is an insightful leader with a wealth of ICT knowledge.

Smartcom’s Senior Management Team is headed by Caroline Greyling (Finance and HR), Francois Botes (IT and Operations), Madeleine Abrahams (Marketing and Retail) and De Niel van Rooi (Finance). Some might call them the Avengers of the South African telecoms industry. They have worked side by side for decades, and their fanaticism for ICT solutions, their obsession with customer service and their continuous craving for knowledge is positively contagious and always rubbing off on the rest of our team.

Your honest, all-in-one ICT solutions provider

People often ask us about the Smartcom “recipe”: the story and ingredients behind our success, tenacity and innovation in an industry that is forever changing and expanding. We believe that offering a variety of tried-and-tested solutions has made us popular. What has gained us respect, is the honesty with which we approach each client, employee and business partner. At the core of all our operations lies integrity, a quality we believe should be at the forefront of all business dealings.

Our Vision

To become a major supplier of ICT solutions in South Africa.

Our Mission

 To add real value to our customers.

Our Values

We strive to deliver excellent service.
We are customer-fixated.
We are committed to our people and their development.
We are honest, and operate with integrity in our dealings.
We keep our promises.
We welcome criticism and strive to improve.
We have fun doing it

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