What are the biggest technological obstacles faced by South African business owners? Sitting in a small corporate boardroom, a group of entrepreneurial minds kept asking themselves this very question. With over a century’s worth of telecoms and IT experience between them, they were adamant to find real, valuable solutions that would help to carry at least a portion of the burden faced by entrepreneurs and SMEs.

This enthusiasm for, and fascination with business owners – those entrusted with the responsibility of growing entire economies – led to the birth of Agora Tec.

Not long after, that group of ICT specialists tore down the confines of those boardroom walls, creating an open collaborative space, and invited a team of highly skilled, highly trained business and technology experts on a journey that promised to reshape the face of business technology on the African continent.

“Agora” is a Greek word which means “marketplace” or “gathering place”, and in many ways it encapsulates who we are and what we strive to be.

Already a multiple award-winning partner of Vodacom SA, we are continuing to expand our relationships with ground-breaking technology partners like Microsoft and multiple others.

At high-tech seminars or in the business sector of a newspaper you might find us described as a company driving initiatives across the ICT sector through platforms, applications, e-commerce, and mobile communications.

Put simply, this means that we are a group of specialists who have devoted our careers to the ICT sector, and decided to turn that experience and knowledge into products and services that solve real problems for businesses and consumers.

Missed anything? Here’s the long and the short:

  • We are an award-winning partner of Vodacom SA.
  • We value our people, our partners and excellent operational execution more than anything else.
  • We have a team of highly skilled business and technology experts on board.
  • Our technology solves real challenges for businesses and consumers.
  • Our technology solutions are crucial for business’ optimal revenue growth.
  • Our platforms provide data-driven intelligence reports for businesses across various sectors.

At our very core, Agora Tec’s philosophy stands on three pillars:

Our Inspiration

We are inspired by doing things differently.

Our Aspiration

We aspire to leverage tech to create exceptional solutions, fuelled by continuous learning, expertise and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our Objective

Our objective is to deliver superior, innovative, digital solutions around mobility and business insights.

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