Now the most widely used instant messaging service in the country, WhatsApp data bundles are one of the most preferred ways of acquiring data for use with the app, especially among users looking for the most cost-effective way to communicate with friends and family.

The price of WhatsApp data bundles has increased slightly across the board, and Vodacom has also changed the amount at which it charges customers. Here is what you will pay for WhatsApp data bundles with Vodacom now.

Daily bundles

Users buying daily bundles will now pay R3 for a 50MB WhatsApp data bundle, valid for one day, changing from the R2 previously charged for 30MB one-day bundles. You will now pay R5 for a 250MB one-day WhatsApp bundle, up from the R4 previously charged for a 200MB bundle that was also valid for one day.

Weekly bundles

A 250MB WhatsApp data bundle, valid for 7 days, will now cost R12, up from the R10 previously charged for a 200MB bundle, which was also valid for 7 days.

Monthly bundles

If you prefer to buy your WhatsApp data on a monthly basis, you will now pay R35 for a 30-day 1GB WhatsApp data bundle which previously cost R29.

Take note of these changes to Vodacom’s pricing and keep them in mind when setting your monthly mobile budget. Remember to keep an eye on Smartcom’s blog for any other notable changes that may be applicable to you.

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